What is “input” ? – take two.

My neurons work well enough (99% of the time), doing what I wanted from the beginning, yet I still see no complex correlations. Why ? Because theoretically is not possible to have such a random input and get order from there… I have tested multiple hypothesis, frequency , phase surface distribution, different leakage with distance, multiple models for inhibition… Nothing lead me to believe that they could work.. Synapses break because the input is too different from “receptor” to “receptor”.. So I have come to the conclusion that the input must be structured somehow … Meaning some receptor fields have to respond the same, regardless of the particular wavelength, brightness, direction, they receive… Maybe respond with an average response, min, max… does not matter, but it has to be the same.. Also is not possible to have large differences in latency among close receptors and then neurons.. The latency it’s a compounded variable that contains data about frequency, wavelength and direction. If the resulting latency is bigger than the time it take for a neuron to fire, that synapse has no contribution to the activation of that neuron so it should be removed.. But such large latency is the norm in my system.. This also has to stop..

But what kind of structure should I aim for ? Not sure at all…

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