Timing is everything …

I have my very first logic rule: If A > B then A =1 and B =1, if B>A then A=0 and B =1. I’m not sure what to make of it. More important I cannot find any reason for why A is bigger than B in the first place, what creates this initial asymmetry.. To reach that logic end, I need perfect timing and that has proven very difficult.. Even a cycle off and the whole network loses coherence. I’m not sure what to make of this particular problem .. Is our brain so precise ? It could be because in the end, the computation is done by the electrostatic potential which is the definition of precision… But I’m not convinced, if there are correction mechanisms, what are they ? So I need inhibition to hit at a very precise time in all layers in all cycles and it doesn’t. On the other hand why do I have this imprecision ? When adding all synapses I get a value that is not precisely the activation potential (AP), is slightly higher, when trying to redistribute that error on all synapses I fail to account for their precise contribution. Everything I tried, failed, so the system works 99.9% as expected, but that is not enough. I still get cascade failure where all neurons get stuck in a dying state.

Anyway, the progress is very very slow, so now I’m not sure any more that I’ll have some significant progress by the end of the year 🙁

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