Size and position invariance achieved (partially)

In the demo below, some things are choreographed (as in they are not entirely what they seem to be):

  • Colors are fake, they are converted to shades of gray, to get “true” color neurons specific for RGB are needed
  • Background was removed due to some unspecific interference. It should have worked and works for the majority of patterns but not for all. I’m not sure where the error is coming from.
  • While position seems 100% invariant, it is not. To get direction, I programmed receptive fields like areas. This results in a heterogeneous pixel output, so I drew the lines on the upper and left side of a receptive fields, but this is not seen in the displayed image. To get to true invariance an additional level of abstraction is needed .
  • The image is a 70 x 70 pixel, but since each receptive field is a 7×7 area, what it seen nowappears as a 10×10 pixel image.

I’ve made progress with the LTP/D algorithm, seems perfect now. I ran into problems with the Inhibitory neuron.. I’m not sure what is supposed to accomplished. I ran into problems with the dynamic synaptic connection, so in this video I have full connect.

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