Frequency or phase ?

I’ve put all my money in frequency and I believed all talk about encoding data in phase to be absurd… But as with many other ideas I seem to have been wrong… maybe. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been on fire, tones of ideas and predictions that worked well, still there are things missing, things that don’t work at all. Anyway at some point I did some theoretical calculations and discovered that I was calculating the frequency wrong, inputs at a certain frequency should result in same output frequencies, solving one of my biggest problems. What should differ is the phase, in some cases the amplitude as well. This realization unleashed many many options not available before. Still the use of frequency remains a mystery. A single neuron cannot work with synapses firing at different frequencies, eventually the frequency in minority will be removed. This puts into question how colors are to be dealt with. If neurons sensitive to different colors fire at different frequencies that’s going to be a mess, but colors could be separated and tracked…. If they fire with same frequencies but different phase that’s fitting well into my algorithms, but the color is lost in the first layer. But generally speaking same frequency should carry from the sensory input till the last layer, rendering frequency useless…

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