LTP/D what it is and what it is not

After many trials and tribulations I have come to a conclusion regarding LPT/D role in information processing. The conclusion seems so obvious in hindsight… but what can you do.

WHAT it is NOT.

  1. Synapse strength, which is modulated through Long Term Depression and Potentiation, cannot serve as a variable for “learning” as in cannot be used as a “weight” as is considered in today’s state of the art Artificial intelligence algorithms.
  2. Cannot be used to synchronize synapses of different frequencies or different phase.


  1. LTP/D is used to establish what a pattern is. I know I’m vague on this one 🙂 but things could go in many directions still.

Base on these conclusions I will continue the development of the rest of the algorithms.

So far I have: Synapse kinetics and Synapse modulation. Next on the list is Connectivity, forming and breaking synapses, followed by Inhibition, followed by FeedBack.

I’ve started work on Connectivity and these are the questions I have so far:

A. What is the input like for a neuron ? This may seem like a simple question but I’m not sure of the answer. The data received from sensors is phase modulate or frequency modulated or both ?I’ve studied how the eye process the data, and it seems that there is the possibility that input can start with different phases but the off time be changed, essentially resulting in signals with different phase but same frequency. Is not something that is obvious, but it is something that I think I need as an input. The simplest was was to just assume different input frequencies but I found no way to work with different frequencies (as in at the same time have synapses firing at different frequencies on the same neuron). This part may require a lot of work, so far I simulated, poorly, an input with various frequencies but maybe it’s time to do an actual conversion of pixel data to frequency and phase..

B. How is the size of a receiving field established, for a complex cell ? Why is it not bigger or smaller ?

C. How far a hypothetical chemical signal from a firing neuron would spread ? How long it will be present in the environment ? How fast does it spread ?

D How fast can a synapse be formed or removed ? Is that time a variable ?

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