a very small update..

I now have the code and the proof that my new learning theory works. I was very anxious till the very end because most of the time my theoretical predictions failed when put to the test. I would make a theoretical calculation, but using many approximations and when everything will be put into code and graphs, I would find some unpleasant surprises :).

This is the set-up used for the 2 color separation. I spent couple of weeks adding this new GUI, so I can inspect each neuron in much more detail.. abandoning for now the complex GUI used for many neurons working in a complex network.

Next I want to separate multiple colors and create a proper presentation with couple of explanations perhaps … or maybe just a video showing the action…

Still haven’t solved the problem of “embedding” for colors… I have a function that takes as an input an RGB value and converts it into a “phase” number, that can be used by the AI algorithm, but is not good enough because is not working for all colors… Some colors translate into very high or very low phase numbers so they cannot be used by the algorithm .. So I’m not sure yet how to show “learning” for all colors.. But more than 2 colors should be a good start…

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