Inter-layer transmission

If neuron in layer 1 (L1), requires 10 inputs to fire, and those 10 inputs are delivered in 10 cycles, another neuron in layer 2, requiring also 10 inputs for activation, is activated in 100 cycles by the neuron in L1… In third layer, the cycles required for activation is 1000… So this cannot work like this.

I was aware of this issue since the beginning but I have hoped I can solve it by increasing synaptic efficiency so basically neuron from L2 would require not 10 inputs from L1, but say just 1… That would have been acceptable…The problem with this approach became apparent very late, by increasing synapse efficiency, the selectivity of the post-synaptic neuron decreases. So the solution I envisioned proved to be a dead end. Now I’m considering other approaches to deal with this slow transmission from layer to layer..

  1. Would be to have multiple synapses between Neuron from L1 and neuron from L2. This does not look very promising from various reasons, but maybe in combination with other ideas, could work… not necessarily make 10 synapse, but even 2 synapses would reduce significantly the delay.
  2. have much more neurons in L2 then in L1. And those extra neurons would serve as some sort of amplifier .. would bind among themselves, and excite each other in a bizarre loop. I have played with such loops in the past but they resulted in continuous excitation. Maybe they could be used to store more patterns too… I was planning to add more neurons in L2 anyway, so I’m more inclined to start with this approach.
  3. accept a serious reduction of signal in L2… Basically 10 neurons from L1 could link to a single neuron in L2, and that neuron would fire immediately after the 10 neurons from L1 fired because it receives 10 inputs. This could be part of the solution, but I don’t see this as acceptable (this is what is happening right now by default, when there are multiple binding from L1 to L2)
  4. Something else that is unknown now…

I’m also not happy with the inhibitory neurons… By acting fast (require just 1 input to go active) and being 100% efficient, removes some of the learning rules I have envisioned.. They are not in my immediate focus but they are bothering me..

The new synapse kinetics work extremely well, beyond my expectations.

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