Dendritic Growth 2

As usual, this is much more complicated than I thought. I can’t really decide when to branch, how much to branch and how long to grow a dendrite… Look at the picture bellow, I want to connect A with C, but there is no dendrite growing directly on that direction, so it has to branch to reach C.. But branching can be done from various points as shown in RED. A random branching, from whatever point on the GREEN lines (default dendrites) is out of the question.. The branching has to be done from precise points, where the dendrite connected with a different neuron, so I’m left with 4 branching points… Should I link C with 4 synapses from A’s dendrites? Just one ? What if that breaks ?

green – default dendrite, red – possible dendritic branching

I don’t have enough information to decide on a course of action so I’m left with trial and error, like I did for the synapses kinetics (about 30 models that did not work).. So far I didn’t do much, coding wise, I only change the code to accept directionality for dendrites and decided to go with 8 default directions, basically 8 dendrites that forms only when they are needed, but unless the neuron is at the edge of the matrix, all 8 are needed .. Also I decided to remove vacancies (location previously occupied by a synapse) from available places for new synaptic binding. That place will remain empty, presumably separating two patterns…

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