Inhibitory Neurons – some ideas and small update

From my many simulations I concluded that inhibitory neurons (why in the world are they called Interneurons?) have to be there to stop information replicating endlessly on all neurons. So each inhibitory neuron will prevent the same information to be replicated in the cluster of neurons governed by a particular inhibitory neuron.

They also determine the level of discrimination, the smallest information that can be classified will depend on the number of inhibitory neurons. The more inhibitory neurons the smaller the information that can be classified, more discrimination. If one would want to have a pixel wise discrimination the number of inhibitory neurons should equal the number of pixels.

There is an additional role, to regulate frequency, but I cannot test this one since my frequency is fixed and because of that I don’t need this role added to my code.

On the update front… well, I learn every day something new, mostly by discarding ideas that don’t fit the general algorithms. I’ve reached a point where I need to code all the new ideas and see actual results. I cannot go further till I get a better understanding of the impact of the new ideas.

I’ve settled some concept that were somehow in limbo, what is the relation between the information contained in two different dendrites of the same neuron, or how many layers should my network contain, to accomplish a certain task.

But some older problems came back into focus… what is the reach of a single neuron ? Answering this question is not really a must for the layers doing data classification but it gets important for what I call decisions layers … Decision layers can be viewed as output layers for simple networks, but in my model they can be used to sandwich classification layers , that means I can have more than one in a network. For the next 2 weeks I’ll be working only on programing the new concepts.. see what I get. What I should get is identifying letter A at different positions and sizes as being letter A, and not a different pattern, on a 252 x 252 matrix…

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