AI- finally, pattern recognition

I have made some serious advances with my AI. Now I have definite pattern learning + pattern discrimination = pattern recognition. No doubts anymore, that this is working, but I also know that this is only the very first 0.1% of the development needed to truly claim a different type of AI – the Hebbian AI..

Here is the most relevant data:

First we have the learning step, before the black line. each pattern will activate a different neuron from the output layer, I only use 4 output neurons here. Then after the black line I “read” the patterns again, expecting that, the same pattern to light up the same output neuron.

I’ve also created a some sort of graphical interface and made a video with the whole process:

I have tested the code with 19 different patterns and 1 of the 19 patterns was misunderstood (letter M is sometimes confused with letter H), you can see it on the video. That was to be expected, at some point, some patterns, are going to be misunderstood. How many patterns can it learn ? All possible patterns within that matrix (25 by 25 pixels), but as more patterns are added more misunderstandings should occur. Why ? because I don’t really have what in current AI is called “feature extraction”… I only have a single feature extracted, the whole pattern. This works with basically one (1) hidden layer and the extraction is made by the output layer…

This is also observed in the fact that as you go with more and more pattern learning, the learning process, becomes more difficult, it take more cycles to be learned. This should not happen with more “feature extraction” along the way… Learning should become faster, as more an more small pattern become common among the bigger patterns.

Any way this is a big achievement and a proof of concept, even if in infancy.

What’s next ? Of course feature extraction… My first target is to have a big line learned and then a smaller line be recognized as the same “line”. Right now, the smaller line pattern is considered an incomplete pattern and blocked from reaching the output layer. How am I planning to go ahead ? Well, I have wondered for a long time, why our brain, has neurons that bind among themselves within the same “layer”. I cannot find information showing differences between neuron that bind to neurons from the same layer and neurons that bind to neurons from a higher layer… They appear to be the same… I don’t know the ratio.. how many bind intra-layer, how many bind to the next layer. Do they have the same learning rate ? Do they form as many/as few dendrites/synapses ? Do they have a shorter axon from the beginning ? are they attracted the same by the Nitric Oxide (retrograde signalling) ? Is mirroring happening only for inter-layer binding neurons or it also happens to inter-layer binding neurons ?

( Mirror neurons are neurons that fire both when an individual performs an action and when the individual sees[14] or hears[15] another perform a similar action from wiki).

So there are many many unknowns, not sure about the time frame I’ll be able to put them all together… I’m hoping to have something working by the end of the year… but who knows, I may decide to take a more brute force approach and use what I already have, multiply the single feature extraction, but that should prove slow, inefficient and inflexible… Anyway, small line/big line – here I come !!!!

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