AI – Houston we have touchdown

The bad news first. Seem my previous post was some sort of a random luck error. The code did not behave as expected, but I was too exited anyway, and rushed to post it. (not that anyone read this So I went back to the drawing board working only with enough data to have some meaning but otherwise the simplest data possible: [1,0,0,1]. Then after I was convinced everything worked well ( I moved onto a bit more complex data.. a 5×5 array with two patterns:

  • a right line /
  • a left line \

Then after even more work, mostly figuring out how my important variables (number of connections, filter size, learning factor and so on) affect the results. I am no where near understanding all the subtle influences are having, but I have some important rules to guide me. Last layer has to have all neurons firing to decide when something was learned, and read data from the discrimination layer (second to last). Then the magic happened.. I was able to repeatedly see the same difference between the two patterns: \, /.

Also, as predicted, I needed to see a learning curve (which was not happening in my previous post, there was no apparent learning, the signal would just drop)

Here’s the data:

Learning two patterns: / and \. The patterns are 2 png files of 5 by 5 pixels each. Left graph showing the discrimination layer, second one (number of cycles vs active neurons in the learning layer (last layer in this configuration)

How confident am I that this is not yet another fluke ? Well, is not 100%, that’s for sure, I need to run more (simple) patterns and then more complex patterns to get to 95% confidence :). I’ve changed my mind too many times and now I’m more skeptical than ever.. even when things do go as predicted.

My set up so far: Input Layer (5 by 5 matrix), 2 Hidden Layers (5 by 5) and an Output Layer (4 by 4), a total of 91 neurons. Output Layer = Learning Layer, Last Hidden layer acts as a discrimination layer.

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