what is the role of LTP/LTD ?

Still unknown :(. I have assigned some roles based on what I read in literature, but it is still unclear what role it plays in information processing. I have two opposite views..

  1. Could be that through LTP/LTD, the range of “states” for a synapse can be enlarged and would not play a role in learning, at least not directly. That would imply that both processes should be fast, easy to implement, flexible and equivalent in terms of the default (or most likely) state.
  2. They play a role in learning, as such, the state of a synapse should be difficult to change through LTP/LTD and would have a meaning (would represent an internal reference frame).

Since I have not decided which one is which, I implemented the algorithms to behave something in between, but that does not seem to accomplish much… In short, I have made no real progress..


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