still no progress :(

Something is missing still, but I can’t put my finger on it… There is no clear way to decide when a pattern is learned… In the absence of a clear criterion, that would stop the learning and preserve the variables, that patterns is getting broken down into smaller parts until there is a single pre-synaptic for a single post-synaptic neuron… and even that last link breaks, resulting in no connection in between layers… I believe I’ve mentioned this problem more then a year ago and now I’ve gotten full circle back to the same problem… The equations for synapses are different, the conditions for initiation or breaking connections are different… yet this problem remains… I’ve looked back on my notebooks and I found no notes commenting on this problem. It seems I was not sure this was a real problem… No solution seems obvious at this point. Stopping the learning process at an arbitrary time has many drawbacks, but I see no other way of going forward…

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