I’m stuck… again

I ran through 4 models already and nothing seems to be working. I can only learn 3 patterns out of 4 at one single time. The fact that same problem shows up even when I tried to correct it 4 times already makes me believe there must be something else that is actually not right, something that I’m not aware of… And the 4 models are not just changing some numbers each model has a different ways of forming and breaking synapses, different rules. Last model is the most complex allowing for every conceivable permutation and still gets stuck in timing issues. I still have couple of more ideas to try out, but not many, I’ll be running out of ideas soon… And no idea is earth shattering … so I don’t have much hope that it will solve the problem… Still my main problem remains that models are too complex and I can’t predict what should happen, there are always unintended consequences. So either I’m going to make an unexpected progress soon or I’ll stop working on this project…

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