New case use for AI: Colon Polyp Detector in medical images as a free android app

While I was busy with this new AI concept our team worked on more down to earth apps using current state of the art AI algorithms.

xLandC in collaboration with RNASA-IMEDIR group at University of A Coruña (Spain) implemented a new proof-of-concept mobile tool to detect colon polyps from colonoscopy images: Polyp detector app – available at Google Play store at A deep learning classifier trained with a free dataset has been implemented as a tensorflow lite model into an Android free app using Flutter (all tools from Google).

The model is able to detect only colon polyps in medical images and we will improve it with future updates. It’s free of ads and no user data is stored, tracked or used in any other way by xLandC. All predictions are evaluated locally in the user’s device and the AI model is also locally stored. There is no central server. With each update we are able to change the model with a better one and to improve the functionality of the application.

Just browse for a picture from your colonoscopy image and make your prediction. In addition, the camera could be used to take a picture.


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