Brain waves

Since my previous post, I focused only on understanding the source of asymmetries from my system. I disabled all secondary dendrites, because they are very hard to predict, but no luck. Then I thought maybe the inhibitory neurons are to blame, because I’m not so sure what should happen with individual synapses when their dendrite is inhibited. Should they still be under the LTP and LTD mechanisms ? Maybe, maybe not.

So after some adjustments in the inhibitory mechanism I decided to remove inhibition entirely. Yet, the asymmetries were still there. What I discovered from plotting potentials from individual neurons, was that they have a wave like behavior and they can get out of phase….. So two neurons would increase potential while the third would be in a decreasing phase…

Two neurons out of phase

Why this happens ? Because each neuron can be part of multiple patterns … So pattern A would activate neuron 1 but not neurons 2 and 3. When I switch to pattern B involving all 3 neurons, neuron 1 is in a different phase from neuron 2 and 3 , resulting in a non activation event… I’m assuming this is where small basket cells or chandelier cell may come into play, to regulate this out of phase situation… I’m unsure of what to do next… I can squash the waves easily enough when starting a new pattern, but this would only help in short term, wont work for a moving pattern… But most likely I will take the easy way out and see what happens later on..

With that said, brain waves might be real after all 🙂

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