A new project – BackSO on google play

We’ve recently published another game on the Google Store: BackSO

BackSO is a casual game to play on short breaks to get your mind off things. Most levels are strategy based and only few require a bit of eye hand coordination, but nothing to be scared about. All in good fun.

Your goal is to place all the balls in the correct placement, considering that two balls cannot occupy the same place.

Here are some screen shots:

We Published, now what ???

We rushed through and the game is out. I thought I will get some peace and quiet now.. but nooo. It turns out that nobody reads the HELP section. They start the game, fail to even move the character in some cases, get angry and uninstall right away 🙂  The ones that can get the character moving get frustrated because they don’t know what to do next. So I have about 130 player that failed level one several times, and God knows how many uninstalled right away. So I’ve started working hard on a HELP level, this should start once you hit PLAY and then can be replayed from the HELP menu. After two day, I was done and went to a tester. Was I disappointed or what ???

The guy went through the HELP level without reading anything, did at random all the scripted actions then start wondering “How to finish the LEVEL ?” Totally ignored the “BACK” option and got stuck, doing all kinds of actions trying to Finish the level. There are of course many things to learn from this debacle:

  • People Don’t read.
  • People want everything to be as it is in other games they’ve played, anything different and they get frustrated and leave.
  • They want to Win at all cost, no way they’d go through the first level, fail a couple of times and learn how to play..
  • We don’t really understand our target audience thinking.
  • No way you drop a game in the Google Store and from the billion of users some will randomly download and try out your game. You would think the probability will work your way and maybe 10-100 people will just download your game at random. The 100 people that downloaded the game, were only users that we kind of brought ourselves directly.

The Shifter has Arrived !!!!

After couple of days of intense testing the Space Shifter is in the store. Get it from here.

That was intense. Working without knowing if your work has any value is… challenging. We hope for the best, of course, but there are many times when the doubt sneaks up on you.

Anyway, enough with the self loathing. Great job team !!

And you brave warriors go help the Shifter.

Ready for Release !

Final details are always stressful. We go through many testing, many alpha, beta and so on, but still some debug coding could be left in the release version, still some minor changes could have some unexpected and unpredictable results in the final product. So, we stress.

Any way I added some tutorials on-line, which can be found here.

The reason is that some of our testers have complained the levels, even level 1 and 2, are very difficult. But other testers went through all levels in under a minute per level. I can’t do that, but I’ve seen other playing and I was amazed with their skill.  In fact we re-worked all levels more than 5 times over, to balance things out, but it may be that now, some levels are very difficult to pass for an unskilled player.

Let’s hope for the best and see you on the battle field brave warrior !

Getting close to an alpha release

I have ten more levels to optimize, 15 are already done. I added a help screen which may be insufficient but we’ll see if I can do more/better by the release date. I’m hoping to upload an alpha version on GPlay by this coming Sunday (28.10.18), so I can send it to other testers, including to a guy who may advice for a better launch campaign. Otherwise my launch campaign  has nothing substantial.

On a different note, our team artist has launched his own website to show the world his creations, so, go Ze ! Here is a link: www.pip.pt. Go check it out !

Starting here

Space Shifter is already in beta testing. Not all levels have been optimized and the upgrade systems is still being tweaked.

This is a preview of level 10.. Testers complaining is too difficult .