Free Hosting

I have tried hosting this website on a free hosting website. So far I have tried :  FREEHOSTING and FREEHOSTIA. This is my experience so far:

FreeHosting provides and impressing amount of tools, intuitive, easy to set up. Building an website is a breeze there. A single email account which is fully functional (send and receive, forwarding also works). The bad is that it seems to be offline for very long hours every day. The FreeHosting website would work just fine, I could log in into my control panel , work on my website and such, but my website would be offline . I left FreeHosting after about 3 days.

FreeHostia is now hosting this website. Very limited amount of space compared to FreeHosting, limited traffic, 3 email accounts, which are not actually fully functional. They cannot be used to send emails, just to receive. Very misleading, this should be stated more clearly on their website. The good part is that, the website seem to be up all the time, and fast. I logged an issue with them and I was answered in 2 minutes. That’s unreal. Less tools, less everything, but it is what it says it is, apart from the email issue, and works well.

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