Adding time to the fray

I’ve resisted adding time for a long time, first because I did not see the need, and second because it seemed like a very complicated variable to deal with.. But now the time has come… it seems.

As I mentioned earlier I have in my mix of variable, an equilibrium process, driving one of these variables (the equivalent to the release of glutamate). I thought I could use cycles to drive the process but it seems it should be the other way around… This variable should drive the cycles…

Why should time be important ? It seems to me that “time” is what gives importance to events. If I don’t assign importance to events, nothing is being learned or everything is. Both options are bad… You may think learning everything is good, but is not, it’s increasing processing time and is preventing generalization, in the end nothing can store or process as much data as we encounter every day..

I decided to go with synaptic plasticity to synchronize neurons… First simulations look good but I’m far from reaching a conclusion. Even with the mess created by the lack of synchronization I was still able to see some encouraging results for the learning mechanism.. the fitting functions powering the neuron are doing an ok job, adjusting all synapses to learn 2 patterns, but I’m not quite there yet. When it first sees a pattern the deviation from equilibrium is big, it adjusts, then I switch patterns.. Eventually I should see no deviations from equilibrium when switching patters. What I see instead is that the deviation is decreasing but it does not go away (as I think it should).. So I still need to adjust the fitting functions some more but I was really happy to see this working as good as it did !!! Here it is, Potential vs Time (not really time but cycles for now), for 2 totally different patters (zero overlap) with a symmetric distribution on only 2 dendrites.

Also the 2 patterns can be easily distinguished observing the firing rates:

Been thinking to take a detour to show case some 1 Neuron nonsense applications 🙂

Simplest network possible, 1 processing Neuron..

Maybe show how I can detect lines of different colors, or detect a hand written letter.. Mind you, the detection of a single letter may sound more cool than it actually is.. You change size or position … and pufff, no recognition… I’ll see… if I can do it in a single day, I’ll do it, if it takes more time… I don’t know..

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