Advertising with Google

We’ve started a small advertising campaign with Google Ads for our new game BackSO. For some reasons I always believed this should be something very costly and maybe complex. Well, it was not. In fact was very simple and the prices were actually very good. You can limit the showings to a certain budget/day, and the budget can actually be very small. Overall I’m very happy with how Google is doing its job. Of course the game is doing rather poorly but that is not because of Google :). For for those of you running small gigs don’t be afraid of Google. You can get very fast some users and if you have the Firebase statistics implemented you can get a very large amount of data for the price of a Starbucks coffee. You can the go on on improving your project of maybe decide to start anew.

I also tried a Fiverr small gig, my conclusion is that it is not worth it. The audience is not targeted and get your money wasted for no real benefit. Better to get with the giants, at least you get some real data that can be used to improve your game, before trying out other campaigns.

For Google Ads, start with a global campaign, all over the world, at the smallest price Google can offer per install. Adjust your game and perhaps do a targeted campaign in richer countries, that perhaps require higher prices for installs but may give you better return on your investment.

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